Lefkaritiko Embroidery Lace - Modi and Modulations project was designed with the aim to provide Cypriot artists, educators, archaeologists, fashion designers and other professionals with the opportunity to live and study for a week with the renowned local embroidery lace makers in the village of Lefkara. Providing on-site accomodation and focusing on the importance of community involvement in the design and implementation, the project’s goal was to present the ‘voices’ of all those involved in the safeguarding of this handicraft tradition: the embroidery lace makers, the scholars, the experts, the local community and authorities, and the students. Among the project's various aims was the exploration of innovative and sustainable ways of studying, interpreting, protecting and transmitting oral traditions and traditional practices and the creation of favourable conditions for the reconceptualization of elements of the intangible cultural heritage as new artistic and cultural products. Recognized for its originality and cultural value, the project was selected to be part of the cultural activities that took place in Strasbourg during the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of Europe ministerial committee (24 April – 14 May 2017).

Translator: Michelina Stavrinou

Photographer: Nicos Louca




Dr Antigoni Polyniki


Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO

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Κυπριακή Εθνική Επιτροπή UNESCO, Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO, Λευκαρίτικο Κέντημα, Lefkara Laces, Άυλη Πολιτιστική Κληρονομιά, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Παραδοσιακή χειροτεχνία, Traditional crafts, Κεντητική τέχνη, Embroidery







Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO


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